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  • Why Paying For Your Traffic Is A Smart Move?

    FrankfefsVT 2019.Jul.25
    Квалифицированн ые юридичесие услуги – целевое направление нашей деятельности. Эта компания – это ...


  • How to fix index.php downloads instead of opening

    FrankfefsVT 2019.Jul.25
    Оказание юридических услуг – основное направление нашей деятельности. Наша компания – это сообщество ...


  • Comparison of hostings

    Jaxson 2015.Jan.17
    This ought to be pretty straightforward .


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Cascading Style Cheat Sheet

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CSS stands for Cascading Style Sheet, a declarative language that is used to enhance the HTML language. While HTML provides you with structure for your website. CSS provides you with the means to style your website. Here we outline CSS properties, values, and display sample code.


Cascading Style Cheat Sheet

HTML Quick References

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Welcome to the Technology Source HTML Quick Reference guide. This is a handy reference source that defines and explains all of the HTML version 4.01 tags and their associated attributes that most browsers support. It's not a comprehensive reference, it's just a cheat-sheet-like reference to the more commonly-used tags and attributes. Also, this reference assumes you already know what HTML is and how to write HTML. This is not a tutorial for HTML beginners but a quick guide when you need answers immediately.