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Turn Your Website into a Pot of Gold

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By: Rachel Lower

Out of 500 million web pages, is yours among the very few that visitors will remember? Businesses are catching on as far as hiring professionals to design their websites. A professional looking website does give visitors an immediate, positive impression.

However, no matter how well designed, a basic website does not leave a lasting impression. Visitors won't forever recall your spiffy "Location" page or "About Us" section. They won't even remember how polished your fiery red logo looks.


There is one important key to leaving an impression on website visitors and potential customers. One way to go from "good website" to "awesome website, dude!" It will inspire a visitor to bookmark your site, link to you, or refer friends to your URL. The key is to provide a rich and useful website.

The basic website is like a skeleton. People know what it is, a web site (a skeleton), but if all the people you know sat around in nothing more than their bones, would you be able to pick out any one individual? If you want a thriving website, put some flesh on its bones. Be recognizable by developing a web site face for customers to remember.

There are various features you can add to enrich your business site:

- Q&A with an email or form for question submissions

- Informative FAQ's

- A quality links page or directory with personalized descriptions

- A blog (Write your own informative articles to feature on your website)

- Writing articles that are featured on other sites, but linked to from a page at your site

- Including quality article reprints from other writers

- How to's and DIY resources

- Offering your own monthly syndicated article to related and popular content-driven websites

- Managing an email list highly tailored to your customer base

- If applicable, including files about your products, product maintenance, troubleshooting, etc.

- Providing useful print outs and checklists

- Reviewing and testing products your customers use in relation to your field of work

- Thorough portfolios of work, perhaps with a positive account/summary from each job included

- Standing out as a leader in your industry by providing a resource, such as a mailing list, for others in your line of work

- Providing clips of interviews or television shows you've appeared in as an expert in your field

Anything that shows you know your business, that brands you as an expert, is gold for your business website and to potential customers.

It is prudent to choose just one or a handful of features. Overloading your website will only result in its neglect due to overwhelming demands on your time.

Over time you'll see your online referrals increase, as well as the kudos you get for having a great web site. You'll also have a major edge on any competitive companies who only have the basic cookie cutter info. on their sites.

Establish yourself, your experience and credentials, your expertise and willingness to share information, and you'll be in the lead before a potential customer even receives any quotes.

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